Kairos / Past

Clay-streaked dancers sculpted into a knotty, gnarly filmscape
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Kairos is an installation by Russell Maliphant Company in collaboration with film artists Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton Jones.Using three screens, it envelops its viewers in a rich visual landscape of sculptural bodies in motion, accompanied by an absorbing and evocative score from composer Mukul
Kairos uses unseen footage shot during the filming of Erebus, originally commissioned in 2012 for The Space. Erebus was created as a film adaptation of the 2011 Russell Maliphant Company production, The Rodin Project.

Creative Team


Russell Maliphant, Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones

Director of Photography:

Tim Maurice Jones






Mariko Monpetit

Costume Design:

Stevie Stewart

Performed by:

Dickson Mbi, Tommy Franzen, Thomasin Gülgeç, Carys Staton, Jennifer White, Ella Mesma