Spiral Pass / Commissions

Spiral Pass was commissioned by the Bayerische Staatsballett, Munich in 2014. Choreographed by Russell Maliphant with lighting design by Michael Hulls, sound score by Mukul and costume design by Stevie Stewart.

The central duet was created on principal dancers Lucia Lacarra and Marlon Dino. Russell began this process with a series of workshops with the dancers of the company to establish the unique and specific qualities of the cast on which to draw.

Some of the men shared skilled practice in breakdance, coupled with low and fast almost Georgian technique and style of movement. Others had a strong experience of classical partnering which was employed to extremes of control and balance to sustain a section of the work in which the ballerina maintains her distance from the floor throughout.

The piece developed organically alongside the sound score with Mukul spending time in the studio during rehearsals. Writing and playback accompanying the developing choreographic changes and energetic flow.

Costumes were designed by Stevie to keep the silhouette of the dancers simple and clear for complex, partnered movement and lighting states from Michael’s designs included moving lights on flying bars to reveal and define the stage and sculpt spatially.


Creative Team


Russell Maliphant

Lighting Design:

Michael Hulls 



Costume Design:

Stevie Stewart

Photograph By:

Dana Fouras